Dissemination through schools

Dissemination through schools

The Italian Badminton Federation (FiBA) was the main character at this time.

Its last inclusive event was held in Rome, by the date of 25th October.

Enrico Galeani presented the Inclusive Badminton activity, how is spread in Italy and in an international way.

During his introduction, participants showed particular interest in learning more abot how inclusion can help people.


The topic of Sport considered as moment of "Inclusion" obtained a lot of interest from the participants.

Of course, afterwards, they were invited to play badminton and parabadminton in the high school' s gym, under the supervision of Enrico Galeani and Stefano Terranera.


The great number of fifty young students got involved in both sport activities, playing together and enjoying such bonding moments till the end of the day.



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