Spanish Inclusive Badminton Championship in Scholar Age

Spanish Inclusive Badminton Championship in Scholar Age

San Lorenzo de El Escorial, specifically the main hall `El Zaburdón', was the stage where the Spanish Inclusive Badminton Championship in scholar age  was held.

Different Spanish regions like, Asturias, Galicia, Castilla  La Mancha, Cataluña and Madrid took part in the competition acquiring all of them a mixed team composed by at least 1 disabled player and 3 non-disabled players.

Different disabilities could be find during the tournament like: middle hypoacusia in both ears; developmental disorder-maturity retardation , development disorder intellectual disability- deficiency of the osteoarticular system ; SU-5 disability in left arm and classified in international SU-5 parabadminton ; amputation lower members classified in WH2 parabadminton international; acondroplasia and wheelchair class WH2  parabadminton.

The competition system was played through two groups of 3 teams and both winners would access directly to the final.

The final was played between Asturias, which  came into the first place in group B vs Castilla La Mancha, the winner in group A and  which beat the Asturian team with much superiority (3-0). In the match for the third and fourth place, Madrid won in Galicia and Andalucía in Catalonia completing the podium of the competition.

Thus, the players of Castilla La Mancha team, Guillermo Arcos, Andrés Fernández, Jorge Jerez, Laura Garcia, Ines and Patricia Vidal Pineapples were the new national champions of this wonderful and new Spanish Inclusive Badminton Tournament in scholar age.

This kind of competition has been opted for an inclusive  sport model where badminton, along with table tennis, rugby and swimming have been helped by the Sanitas Foundation, a pioneer in promoting inclusive sport along with the High Sport Council (CSD)



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