Third Spanish - Chinese day of Inclusive Badminton

Third Spanish - Chinese day of Inclusive Badminton

For the third consecutive year, the last Sunday, January 27, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., the "3 rd Hispanic-China Badminton Inclusive Conference" was held at the Municipal Sports Center of Hortaleza, organized  an inclusive journey  counting on the collaboration of the Tiyu Sports Club (oriented to the practice of sports of Chinese Community residing in Madrid), and fulfilling the objective of facilitating the approach of  Chinese and Spanish communities through badminton practice.

Regarding data and figures of the Journey, a final amount  of  67 entry fees, 23 of them with  Chinese nationality, and 26.87%  were women entry fees.

Players from four different clubs  which were taking part into the competiton, 14 belonged from lower cathegories (U15 and U17)  and most of them, 53 adults  in absolute category.

Throughout the four hours of competition, 12 badminton courses were avaliable where 140 games were played

Besides, there was  time enough for warming up and taking some break between matches.

An incredible integration day was celebrated in Madrid.






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