Disability International Day

Disability International Day

On the occasion of Disability International Day, we could count on the presence of some proffesional people in knowledge about badminton. Isela Miranda, coordinator of the disabled section of Ovida Badminton Oviedo, Cesar González, technical director of Ovida Badminton Oviedo, Ángel Rodríguez, founder of Badminton Oviedo and some  monitors of sports schools were also present in such an event

The activity was developed in the hall of Ovida Residence , where two badminton tracks and some circuits of exercises and games were carried out. The group dinamic were developed  through work groups to practice in different seasons. Such participants as organizers,  were very satisfied by the social impact that this beautiful activity caused.

Besides, some of the activities that people could practiced consisted as follows:

1. Short throws from side to side of the net, where you had to overcome some marks placed on the ground.
2. Blows with a balloon
3. Dunk in a panel with different holes and scores.
4. Game with monitors and steering wheel for people with greater understanding.

At the end of the activity, the Ovida residence and the Badminton Oviedo members who were present there, presented the participants with a wire variety of gifts.
The Ovida Badminton Oviedo and the Ovida Residence consider the posibility of carrying out more activities within the facilities, as well as outings to the Corredoria Arena to enjoy the days of the Top8 LaLigaSports.

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