The Classical of Inclusive Badminton, San Isidro 2018

The Classical of Inclusive Badminton, San Isidro 2018

New boost for Inclusive Badminton thanks to the 25th edition of the San Isidro Popular Badminton Championship 2018 which was celebrated in Madrid. To get the inclusive aims, adaptations on courts were applied reducing the playing surface for each player according to their mobility to reach the outer limits of the playing surface.

The number of registrations has been 210, of which 110 have been of the minor categories (from Under 9 to Under 17) and 100 in the major categories: Open (up to 29 years), Seniors A (30 to 39 years old) Seniors B ( 40 to 49 years old) and Seniors C (+50). From the total number of registrations, 52 were women (29%) and 128 men (71%). Players from 16 entities (clubs, schools, etc.) have participated, of which 15 have been from Madrid or the Community of Madrid and 1 from the Community of Castilla-La Mancha (Club de Badminton Albatros, Cuenca).

The entities with the highest number of registrations were CB Chamartín with 86, CB Collado Villalba with 22, Pradillo Municipal School with 16, Hortaleza Municipal School with 14 and CB Albatros with 16. In the inclusive meetings, 4 people participated, one player from the under 15 category in men's singles, two players from the Senior A category in the men's singles and doubles and one player in the Senior C category who participated in men's doubles and mixed doubles. The clubs with players in the inclusive meetings were: CB Chamartín, CB Albatros, CB Collado Villalba and the Hortaleza Municipal Court.

The competition model promoted through this championship corresponds to the objectives of the Collaborative Project funded by Erasmus + Sport 2018-2020, with the title of BADMINTON FOR ALL - European Network for the promotion of inclusive badminton, in which the Chamartín Badminton Club is as a partner.


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