Disability Competition Journay

Disability Competition Journay

The Municipal District of Tetouan moves badminton in the Municipal Sports Games 2018-2019.
Promoted by the Municipal District of Tetuán of Madrid and organized with the collaboration of Chamartín Badminton Club, this event was held on December 27 at the Municipal Sports Center Golden Triangle.


The Inclusive Badminton Championship for school category, whose main object was to promote the participation in the Municipal Sports Games in the 2018-
2019 and make easier for new players to gain some experience in matches with the inclusive - competition format.

The competition in each category was developed in two phases: The first one, a league qualification group and the second one, the final according to the classification and number of players registered in each category.

In order to achieve a sufficiently agile competition in its development, due to the high number of participants,  12 badminton courses  were painted in the venue with adhesive tape, distributed in four zones with access corridors to each one of them, which facilitated the entrances and exits of the players with security. The used vortex was Mark X800 yellow color of the Li-Ning brand. 

Regarding the inclusive matches, participants with functional diversity were incorporated into the general tables and adapted to the needs of Itzíar (girl, CDM
Hortaleza-Madrid) and Mario (Benjamín, CD Eresma-Segovia). For this matches, technical support was present.
Throughout the almost five hours of competition, they were happening uninterrupted encounters. A total of 151 games were played to  21 points with change of field to 11 points.
The Inclusive - competition model in which the competition was developed, is taking part of a proposal that aims to:

• To create, to share and to expand experiences as well as extend the practice of Badminton among people with functional diversity.
• To demonstrate the badminton's strengths for people's accessibility with disabilities, to encourage their inclusive practice and facilitate competition
promoting equity and equal opportunities.
• To Strengthen cooperation among institutions and organizations active in the badminton and in sports in general, and to give visibility to the strengths of
badminton for inclusive sports activity.
• To Improve and expand the exchange of good practices between clubs, schools and other organizations in the field of disability for
 adopting  the inclusive - badminton model and to increase the number of palyers  with functional diversity.

Last but not least, this competition counted on a final amount of 99 entryfees  among the different categories:
Benjamín 17, Alevín 27, infantil 31 and Cadete 24.  34% of the participants were women, 48% of enrollees came from badminton - municipal School; 21% from schools and 30% from badminton clubs. 



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