Badminton 4ALL goes on its right way

Badminton 4ALL goes on its right way

The Badminton4All (B4ALL) project of the Erasmus + Sport of the European Union led by the Spanish Badminton Federation, has begun its second year of the three for which it was approved by the European institutions.

A few days before the third partners meeting  of  B4ALL project in Paris (France) on March 23, the project's working group has developed the initial tools linked to the training plan, as well as the European Network of Inclusive Badminton under the auspices of Badminton Europe and Badminton World Federation (BWF) with a total of 24 pilot clubs distributed among the different co-project partners.

Regarding the training content, one of the main partners, highlighted by its specialization in the field of sport and disability, the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) through the CEDI - Chair of Inclusive Sports Studies of the INEF Madrid, has begun to write the different contents of the inclusive badminton training curriculum with the special support of BWF and the relevant contributions of each partner.

This didactic guide, will group the diverse formative profiles that will be indispensable within the development of the inclusive activity, from the technical-tactical formative area to the managerial profile, without leaving behind the figure of the volunteering and the technical officers like umpires.

Regarding the European Network of Badminton Inclusive, the Spanish Badminton Federation, as the project  coordinator, is represented by a total of 11 clubs, which commit to disseminate and promote the badminton as an inclusive discipline through its wide range of activities. The clubs that are reflected in this Phase II of the project are:

CB Benalmádena    CB Rinconada         CBD Huelva              CB Oviedo
CB Aspe                  CB Chamartín          CB Drop Toledo        CB Alongarvi
CB Astures              Bakarrik BK              CB Granada

For the rest of the partners, the French Badminton Federation  (FFBAD), with its four clubs: Les Volants de la Mivoie (LVM); Aizenay Badminton (ABFV); Comité Départemental des Bouches du Rhône (CD13) and Club de Saint Herblain (BCSH).

On the other hand, the Italian Badminton Federation (FIBa), represented by ASD Badminton Club Milano; ASD Sportinsieme Roma; ASD Easy Play; ASD Shalom Calanginaus and ASD Picentia Badminton Club. Finally, the Finnish Badminton Federation (Sulkapalloliitto) completes the rest of the 14 clubs that shape this initial phase of the European Network of Inclusive Badminton with Mansen Sulka ry; Tervasulka ry; Kajaanin Sulkapallolijat ry and VammaisSulkaPallo ry.

The 3rd B4ALL Meeting in Paris will be the turning point for all project partners. The implementation of the methodology for the development of activities through the Training Plan will be one of the new milestones in this long road that still remains to be completed until the end of 2020.

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